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Vitamina is a media house that designs and creates audiovisual content in collaboration with brands, organizations and agencies across the globe.

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Guido Nicolás Riviere

Founder, Creative Director. Born and raised in the snow and the wilderness of Ushuaia, Patagonia, Guido has an unwavering link with outdoor activities that he combined with his passion for image and sound. Extensive knowledge of cinematographic technique, mastery of Digital Cinema workflows and great performance in dramatic structure and montage. He holds a degree in Image and Sound Design from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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Joaquín Díaz Suárez

Founder, Head of Production. Passionate about extreme sports - addicted to adrenaline and photography. Joaquin’s contact with a variety of sport branches stirred his interest in outdoor photographic and audiovisual production. Throughout his career he has participated in several projects carrying out the roles of Direction, Production, Direction of Photography and Editing. He holds a Degree in Image and Sound Design from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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