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Uplift Labs

Over the last few months, coaches have struggled to work virtually with their athletes and athletes have struggled to stay game-ready. Uplift Labs' product Uplift Coach is a new remote live training platform and digital coaching solution designed from the ground up centered around sport-specific training for coaches and athletes. The product has features such as heart rate tracking, live annotation tools and replay as part of its remote training.


Through a product video, we wanted to explain the product’s features, the technology behind it and how this is 10x better than training via Zoom! We're proud to have worked with Uplift Labs to build the future of remote training!

Agency: Noise Studio
Client: Uplift Labs (USA)
Collaboration between Noise Studio and Vitamina Audiovisual


Creative Director: Felipe González Febré
Associate Creative Director: Ida Bjerga
Producer: Joaquín Díaz Suárez
Video Creative: Guido Nicolás Riviere
Designer: Santiago María Roldan
VFX: Paula Glickman

Interpreted by:
Agustín Barrios
Diego Muzio
Ramón Carafí
Margarita Giovacchini

Mateo Barbaccia
Valentín González

Shot in August 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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