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The One Aside is a video clip made for the rock grunge band called Blazer, which is part of the album “We Told You So” released in 2018.

Client: Blazer


Direction: Joaquín Díaz Suárez
Direction of Photography: Guido Nicolás Riviere
Production: Lucía Shapochnik
Direction Assistant: Francisco Bacigalupo
Focus Puller: Julia Krause
Gaffer: Juan Ledo Beccaglia
Electrician: Romain Vallee
Art Direction: Karen Zen Eckell & Candela García Rico
Make up: Manuela Varela
Editing: Joaquín Díaz Suárez & Guido Nicolás Riviere

Interpreted by: Eric Von Der Becke

October 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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