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The Magic 5 team approached us with the idea of creating audiovisual content to communicate and promote their product on their digital platforms, across social media channels and at presentations and events.

The magic 5 team has spent years crafting the world’s first custom-fit goggles that are designed specifically to match the contours of the swimmers face.

Our objective was to showcase the exquisite through and detail of the Magic 5 goggles, while communicating the goggles uniqueness. Through a promotional video and a series of photos, we aimed to explain the product’s features, the facial scanning technology behind the goggles and how these are different and will change the swimming experience forever.

Agency: Noise Studio

Client: The Magic 5 (USA)
Collaboration between Noise Studio and Vitamina Audiovisual


Directed by: Joaquín Díaz Suárez

Producer: Facundo Bonino & Silvana de los Ríos

Production assistant: Andre Quiscalla

Director of Photography: Juan Ledo Beccaglia

Camera operator: Guido Riviere

Camera assistant and Focus puller: Edgar Espinoza

Make up: Natalí Luciano

Editing, Sound and Color grading: Vitamina Audiovisual

VFX: Mariano Segat

Gaffer: Pablo Lozano

Lighting Electrician: Benjamín Farine

Props: Diego Fernández y Leo Torres

Locations: Federico Dragone



Interpreted by: Juan Ignacio Pelaez


Shot in December 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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