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Client: Exero Technologies AS (Norway)

Production: Joaquín Díaz Suárez
Postproduction Coordinator: Guido Nicolás Riviere
Postproduction: Vitamina Audiovisual
VFX: Paula Glickman

August 2020
Oslo, Norway - Bs. As, Argentina



Spike is a revolutionary sports equipment for people with lower body disabilities.


Using Spike regularly will help you increase your cardiovascular system and endurance. Spike allows you to venture on almost any terrain while getting a great workout.

Steering Spike by tilting your body will improve your abdominal and core muscles.

Utilizing your poles to generate forward propulsion strengthens your upper body and back muscles.


Riding your Spike will increase your balance and muscle coordination.

Ready to ride!
Spike in use
Don't Be limited by your surroundings
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